travel Tips for Travelling

Great turnout for Monday’s #bebeautifulchat.  Here is a summary of everyone’s best travel tips:

Most of us seem to over pack so definitely a great idea is to invest in a luggage scale.

Pack clothes you can wear in different ways and mix and match.  Take pics so you can easily refer to a look. Some basics: sunglasses; bathing suit; scarf/wrap; shoes; jacket; hat; pants; shorts/skirt; tops; maxi; tote; earrings; necklace; rings.

Bring your face meaning pack makeup for an everyday face: moisturizers; lip products; spf; mini mascara; blush; bronzer; cleansing clothes; base; eyebrows.

Be sure to keep well hydrated, stretch, eat well and get enough sleep.

Have access to an emergency kit: Tylenol; band aids; safety pins; cotton balls; polish remover; tweezers; feminine products; aloe, polysporin.

Thanks to Shellie Bowdoin, Dermadeli, Jessica Nelson, Sheila Blacklock, Lucinda Freya, Audrey, Sharon Beauty Prime, Lisa Benedict, Natalya for joining in.  Great tips!

Happy travelling and have a great time!