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Wow this makeup is so avant garde. I absolutely love it (re K.Calderwood Cosmetics)

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Professional, friendly, knowledgeable and talented.
Nikki Clarke

Your work is amazing.
Amy B.

Thank you so much for letting me be your Model.
Amy Y.

I like your videos and reviews, precious experience and marvelous lady! Keep on! Great work!!
Sandra St.

You make last night (The Nikki Clarke Show taping March 16, 2017) amazing makeup art in our guests.  We are so blessed and very proud of you and your beautiful job.
Elizabeth L.

It was a pleasure to meet you. You are so talented! Awesome job, thank you for enhancing my beauty :)
Channon O.

Your makeup work is beautiful.
Julia C.

OMGOODNESS… Where have U been All My Life?? Seriously, I just finally got my IT Cosmetics (Brush Love) Since I Had Bought IT’S COSMETICS Newest Foundation- CONFIDENCE IN A COMPACT, The VERY 1st SKIN-TRANSFORMING FULL COVERAGE SOLID SUPER SERUM!!! There’s more but that’s a mouthful itself lol & of course I got their HEAVENLY SKIN Brush too for Application… & IT’S Special too with Groundbreaking Technologies inside THE BRUSH!!! My Point is that I promise I’m not a supplier or whatever they call Individuals who Sale or Push Brands & whatever else bc (as now I’m realizing my intended short sweet comment is in my mind now seeming like an infomercial hahaha) Now, back to my entire point- I just quickly wanted to look up a quick & simple real person trying & showing HOW TO USE THE BRUSH LOVE… & FOUND U!!! Oh how I wish I had of found your YT YEARS AGO, I absolutely feel NUTSO ? that I didn’t find ya sooner- As scrolling thru Ur Video List, For the 1st time I can say that there’s NOT Even 1 Of Your Videos That I Wouldn’t Wanna Watch!!! So, I’ve subbed & turned on All Notifs & Can’t wait to watch & learn some REAL PROFESSIONAL THINGS!!! I Apologize For Typing So Much & Starting /Continuing to Just Ramble on & on…. BUT, I’m Very Genuinely EXCITED TO HAVE FOUND U & UR YT CHANNEL!!! Ur a breath of fresh air, So Real, & Not to mention a Very Intelligent & Beautiful Lady!! I’m so looking forward to the FACT I can now LEARN from U!! I still wish I had of Found Ya Sooner, However Better Late Than Never!! Thanks So Much, Even if U Don’t See This or Read All of It- lol (wasn’t meant to be this long) I just felt U should know how appreciative I Truly Am, so again Thank You & I’ve gotta catch-up on Ur Videos & Lovely Content God Bless

I love that we are now friends……..funny how life twists & turns allow people to come into your life. I love your spirit and passion and will always remember to #bebeautiful.  I am a huge fan of StyledLady4Ever – I love her honesty and passion! She is incredibly talented as a MUA and her looks are always inspiring! Plus she loves cats- that says it all in my books. Cats Rule!
Joanne M.

You are the bestest!! Thank you for making us look so good on Living in Colour talk show <3.
T. Lisa Graham

A so nice and beautiful mind.  A multi talented star having various qualities freelance anti-aging chemical and cruelty free makeup artist, Younique Beauty Consultant. Keep it up your good efforts my friend.
Moin N.

I truly enjoy her motto, which is to “be beautiful”. When I see her sign off with those words, it reminds me to take time for myself and whip up a new hairstyle or try something different on my eyes that day. I draw on her talent that I see in pictures and videos online and try to add in something new to my routine. Being beautiful is a way of life so thank you Jewels!
Marianthe M.

Your wisdom with simple makeup principals, is amazing…a makeup touch here, a hair color suggestion there…you are so knowledgeable. It’s great. I love your enthusiasm, it’s so fun being around you! Thanks so much for making my day!
Sandy H.

I found StyledLady4Ever to be open and willing to try new things, friendly, eager, knowledgeable and easy to talk to.
Rosalie Brown.

I found StyledLady4Ever to be relatable and down to earth. Jewel was awesome to talk to about culture, make up, business pathways. Our conversation kind of went all over the place but there was not an awkward moment. I truly appreciate meeting with Jewel!!! Jewel has a gorgeous soul!

StyledLady4Ever touched up my makeup for me for a TV show I was interviewed on. I asked Jewel to do my makeup last minute and she was kind enough to take me on. Jewel is very good at enhancing features. She is quick to determine the appropriate look and is very organized and clean. Jewel is a delight to work with and I hope to work with her again in the future.
Danielle K.

Jewel was great to work with. She’s friendly and personable, and, of course, had me looking gorgeous!
Sophia A.

I simply want to tell you that I am very new to weblog and definitely enjoyed this website. Most likely I’m going to bookmark your site . You absolutely have amazing well written articles. Thank you for revealing your website.
Her Latest Blog.

You are so talented.

You are a beautiful woman! Glad to have met you!
Josanna G.

I’d love to work together again!
Sowad K.

Thank you for your Awesome support at DESTINATION HAITI!
Allison H.

You’re so beautiful
Mary F.

You are a beautiful woman
Margaret H.

Thank you for turning us into supermodels for the day.

You are the Eyebrow Queen
Kasandra H.

StyledLady4Ever was professional and very delicate.  Her application was so relaxing I could have fallen asleep if the chair situation was just as comfortable.
Alicea M.

This is SO perfect!
Lit Cosmetics

Your liner!  Everything is so good :)  I love it! You nailed this! You look amazing my dear.  You are my new crush too.  Eyeliner, curls, pins, oh my :)
Andra Day Music

I love everything makeup and I really, really love watching your videos.  The way you present things is wonderful, very easy to follow and there’s a flow about your voice that is fabulous!  Thanks for everything!

I just wanted to say, being the owner of Derma MD Skincare, I’m so glad you liked our products and thank you kindly for the lovely blog you wrote:) We hope many of you try our products, but I have to say being in my 60’s, my MID LIFT-11 is a MUST:) It works ladies!
Sheila Malmanis, L.E.

Awesome review and glad to supply all with the healthier coffee and tea products.

I really do LOVE you & your channel! I don’t have much make up, but your tips and tricks really inspire me,to use what I have and to never forget to constantly take care of myself. I always do in an inner way, but when it comes to make up and outer beauty, I sometimes forget how to properly apply items. And you are an ethereal angel! Thank you so much,Jewel,for all you do & the way you do it! Keep on keeping on, girl!! Xo

Be Beautiful! Thank you to the talented Makeup & Stylist StyledLady4Ever for joining us.
Diva Girl Fashion and Makeup

You did an amazing job with the Drew Barrymore look! x
Cut Out + Keep

You look so good! So proud of you and all you’ve done this year!!
Joyce D