Danielle Kelly’s Makeup:
Skin: Younique Mineral Touch Pressed Powder (Cashmere)
Brows: Younique Moodstruck Precision Brow Gel (Med)
Eyes: Younique Moodstruck Addiction Shadow Palette (#1)
Contour/Highlight: NYX Highlight/Contour Palette
Blush: Younique Moodstruck Minerals Pressed Blusher (Sweet)
Lips: Mariposa Lip Crayon


Name:  Danielle Kelly
Occupation:  Interior Designer
Age:  26
Lifestyle: Casual but chic.  I love being spontaneous, travelling, trying new restaurants and having a glass of wine.

Social Media Info:
WEBSITE: daniellekellydesigns.com
Instagram: @daniellekkelly
Email: designsby.danielle@Hotmail.com

  1. What does Being Beautiful mean to you?
    Being beautiful to me means being happy and taking care of yourself on the inside and out. Its important to smile and be happy on the inside, your eyes reflect how you feel. Treating your skin and applying little things such as mascara and/or lipgloss enhances your features and also makes you feel good about yourself.
  2.  What is your beauty routine?
    In the morning I wash my face with a foaming cleanser. Two times a week I use an exfoliating spin brush to bring out any dirt and then I use a serum after to keep my skin hydrated all day. I do not wear a lot of makeup and I have eyelash extensions to keep it simple. I use a gel to fill in my brows and love to wear lipstick to define my lips. If I am going out at night sometimes I will add eyeliner, a high lighting concealer and some bronzer.
  3. What makeup product can’t you live without?
    I have big lips I like to define. I could not live without the Bobby Brown line of lipsticks. The shades offered really compliment my skin and eyes.
  4. How does makeup make you feel?
    Makeup gives me a lift when I need it. Although I do not wear makeup on a daily basis I enjoy playing with different options when I go out. It can make me feel less tired and makes me feel like my eyes are greener then they are and I love that.
  5. What is your go to makeup look?
    My go to look is very simple. I like that sun kissed natural look.
  6. If you are going to an event, how does your makeup look change?
    Socializing is a weekly event for me. So I tend to kick it up a notch and dress up. I tend to add a winged eyeliner, possibly some eyeshadow, (all depends on what I am wearing) and I like to do a lipliner to make my lips look plump and full.
  7. Any Beauty Tips you want to share?
    Sometimes its fun to change it up and have a sexy smokey eye. I like to add eyeliner to the waterline of my eye, it makes your eye colour pop and is very seductive! Everything in moderation, too much is not attractive.
  8. What is your favorite beauty tool?
    My favorite beauty tool is my brow brush. I find that brows really define your face and the right shade and colour makes a huge difference! My brush makes my brows even and keeps the gel from clumping in one place.
  9. Who is your beauty role model?
    These days I would have to say Romee Strijd (Victoria Secret model) is a girl I look up to for beauty. Everything she wears is so tasteful and not over done. She has a very symmetrical face, big eye and big lips. She is always smiling and her skin has a nice glow.
  10. Is it important to you to use makeup with skincare benefits?
    I believe it is important to buy products with skincare benefits. Example, I like to buy a serum or face cream that has SPF in it because our skin is always coming in contact with the sun.
  11. Is it important to you to use cruelty free products?
    I am a little ignorant with researching which products use animal testing and which do not. If I hear of a company that is testing on animals and I use their product I will stop using that company. I think it is important to boycott companies like that and stand behind the companies that are cruelty free.
  12. What did you enjoy about working with StyledLady4Ever?
    StyledLady4Ever touched up my makeup for me for a TV show I was interviewed on. I asked Jewel to do my makeup last minute and she was kind enough to take me on. Jewel is very good at enhancing features. She is quick to determine the appropriate look and is very organized and clean. Jewel is a delight to work with and I hope to work with her again in the future.