Startup Fashion Week – Events October 3-7, 2016.

SFW Fashion Career Forum October 5, 2016 (6:30pm – 10:30pm) held at Aird & Berlis, Toronto.

Learning about the fashion industry from perspectives of a panel of speakers.

Do you have a passion for Fashion? Are you interested or work in the fashion industry? You need to attend events wherein you network, learn from professionals and work on personal development. I attended this event and had a great time and learned so much which I will share with my readers.


Seating Area Set Up



When networking, wear clean, pretty, flawless makeup with a bold lip. You will be pleasant to the eye and your lip will be strong and stand out; even complimentary.

Skin: Younique Liquid Foundation in Velour
Blush: Younique Blusher in Sweet
Brows: Younique Brow Gel
Eyes: Skinn Cosmetics and Lit Cosmetics Glitter in Beach Baby
Lip: Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick #10
Nails: China Glaza Ruby Slippers



Wear an outfit you feel comfortable and confident in.

Top: White Shirt
Pant: Diane Gillman Jeans
Shoes: Sketchers (closed toe)
Duster Cardigan (Brian Bailey)
Jewellery: Keep it classic and simple (Joe Fresh Stud Earrings & Joan Rivers Long Necklace)



Was a good turn out. About 75 people.



A glass of wine calms the nerves and makes networking a little easier. It was an adult event.


1st Panel of Speakers


Host: Elle Bulger (Pinch Social)
Meaghan Elizabeth (Fashion Savage)
Shayne Gray (Shayne Gray Photography)
Ronald Tam (Get Fresh Co.)
Janielle McKoy (Saks Fifth Avenue)



Don’t worry the panel did smile and were very knowledgeable and entertaining.

Networking Break…


2nd Panel of Speakers

Host: Elle Bulger (Pinch Social)
Drew Brown (Novella Magazine)
Natasha Usher (Motives Cosmetics)
Tessa Oldershaw (Mendocino)
Amanda O’Leary (Hudson’s Bay Co.)

The speakers were knowledgeable, entertaining and interesting. The Host asked each speaker a series of questions and then the floor was able to ask questions.

I was able to attend from a Blogger point of view.  I love my job! This event was one of the better ones I have attended. I had a good time. I networked and learned a lot. Having my own business I am always interested in meeting new people and personal development. Take notes!

If you are in this business then you know there is so much more than meets the Instagram Eye (lol). It takes hard work, research, deadlines, networking, investment, experience, relationship woes and “Me Time” priority.

You are your brand!

Present the best brand possible. Learn to take criticism, manage your time, be yourself, and keep believing in your passion.  Know your value.

Very important to have a Mentor(s). Reach out to people you admire and it’s okay to ask for help.

Be present on Social Media. The panel favoured Instagram and LinkedIn (connect via email).

Listen to your clients and see their vision.

Network, network, network.

Make sure you take enough “Me Time” to recharge and distress. This will actually help you and your business.

When offered an opportunity say YES!

Keep your website up to date.

Carry your business cards and give them out.  I met a few who didn’t have one?? A MUST!

I hope you take away some tips for building your brand and being successful.

SFW:  info@startupfashioneek.com

Thank you for reading.  I love to read your comments (so comment). Please share.

Be Beautiful,

Love Jewel xx