Derma MD Canada works with the most advanced clinical and technical chemists worldwide. 

The skin care line is formulated using only the latest most sophisticated clinically proven antiaging ingredients available providing the skin care industry and clients with quality, innovation and some od the most results-oriented skin care products using latest peptide and antioxidant technology at affordable prices. Happy to note Cruelty free and made in the U.S. Enter to win this 3 piece skincare set. There will be two winners announced (see details below)

Derma MD Canada will research, develop and provide products that will show RESULTS using the newest, most advanced ingredients and incorporating these specific ingredients at the highest percentages and most effective concentration levels available in the industry. By doing so, this will allow each of our products to specifically focus on target areas for which they are needed to correct specific problems, and give you, our client, optimal results and changes that you’re desiring to SEE!


1. Mid-Lift Sculpting Lifting Firming Neck and Throat Crème;
2. Pink Silk Face Firming Rejuvenator;
3. Glamur Lip Plump Gloss.

on June 20, 2016 to try and review.  Been using for over one month.


Glamur Lip Plump  LIP plumpers are still one of the hottest products out there to complete a skincare program. Most of us do not want LIP augmentation, but we definitely want soft, full, supple lips. As we mature, we lose volume (collagen) in our lips, much like our face, but our Derma MD Canada Glamour LIP plumper will help you get that fullness back. Our proprietary formulation contains hyaluronic acid micro-spheres, niacin, antioxidants and peptides. Your lips will LOVE how they look and feel. Non-sticky or burning like most plumpers in the marketplace. With six beautiful shades to choose from.

Glamur Lip Gloss in Golden Goddess. Perfect on bare lips and over top your favourite color.


Gloss on Bare Lip


Gloss Over Lip Color

Absolutely love this lip gloss. I wear on bare lips before bed and over top my favorite lip color when I need a bit of sheen. It is very sheer. You will feel a slight tingling upon application but goes away. Your lips will feel moisturized and plumped up which is very youthful.


Mid-Lift Neck & Throat Creme


Swatch of Throat Creme

Mid-Lift Neck & Throat Cream Features new patent pending ingredient Essenskin combined with Matrixyl 3000, Vitamin B3, peptides. Increases collagen production, tightens and recontours sagging skin. Plumps away deep wrinkles for vibrant youthful skin.

Formulated with new innovative technology to address dull, mature, sagging skin on the neck and throat. This silky creamy formulation was developed especially for the thicker skin on the neck, and provides more firming and tightening effects that some anti-aging ingredients cannot. This revolutionary ingredient has proven clinical studies that showed, within two weeks of using this ingredient, the skin regained its density, firmness, elasticity and smoothness. The average age for the in vivo tests of 29 volunteers were between the ages of 53-70.

Contains multiple peptides, essenskin ™, niacinamide, sodium hyaluronate, algae, panthenol, and many other anti-aging ingredients. Retails $124.95


Apply 1-2 pumps over chest and throat area in an upward motion. Don’t forget behind neck area.  No odour and has a great slip. Absorbs immediately. Lasts approximately 30-45 days.

Used one pump 2-3 times per day on clean skin. Definitely lifted and tightened my chest and throat. With continued use, lines will be diminished.



Dermamdafter chest



Pink Silk


Swatch of Pink Silk

Pink Silk  is DermaMd’s number one seller. Termed as “crack for the skin” once you start you can’t stop. It is a loaded gel based serum. Full of antioxidants, peptides (build collagen) and leaves skin feeling silky smooth. Great to use as a primer. Must use a moisturizer on top. This anti-inflammatory, antioxidant formula combines caviar and AstaXanthin, one of the world’s most powerful antioxidants! It works to slow down the aging process and rejuvenate the skin giving it a more youthful and vibrant appearance. Reduces erythema (redness) and calms the skin, including rosacea skin types. This product makes a beautiful primer for makeup, smoothing the skin and creating the perfect canvas for foundation. Retails $152.90


AM use as your antioxidant serum to protect skin. Add SPF on top. No odour and absorbs  immediately. I really like it as a primer. The texture is silky smooth like a rose petal. Leaves skin matte. Two pumps twice a day. Lasts approximately 45 days.

Used 1-2 times per day before moisturizer. Really liked it as a primer.  Perfect to prep and protect skin before makeup application and facing the daily elements.

Thank you to Derma MD Canada for letting me try this beautiful skin care.

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