Demeter Fragrance

The sense of smell is the most powerful of our five senses. Fragrance is extremely influential in our lives.  Maybe without even knowing it.  It can transport you to days gone by.  It can set the mood.  It’s therapeutic. Spray on your skin or on your bedding. Freshen up the bathroom or add a few drops during laundry.  Be your own chemist and make a signature scent.  Be creative and have fun! Close your eyes and be drawn in. You are unique and can have your own signature scent that no one else has. Imagine being stopped by a perfect stranger and being told “You smell amazing”!

Demeter, inspired by the Greek Goddess of Agriculture. Founded in 1996 in New York City. Capturing smells of the garden and nature in wearable form. Over 300 flavors to choose from.

Received December 31, 2015 to try and review.

Received five flavoured single note bottles (30 ml) $20US and one empty one so I can make a signature scent. I will name my signature scent “Be Beautiful”. There were also a dozen scent cards, a funnel and droppers to be my own chemist.

Demeter Fragrance

Demeter Fragrance Packaging

Not offensive at all.  Tried all the flavors without getting a headache.  All flavors can stand alone.

Jasmine: Called the King of fragrance. A beautiful floral.
Hawaiian Vanilla: Warm with a touch of fruitiness.
Angel Food: Warm goodies in the oven.
Gingerbread: Sweet and more powerful than the others.
Lavender: An essential intoxicating scent for everyone. Will definitely spray on my bedding. A stand alone.


Blending Tips:

  • Try combining one from Top, Middle, Bottom
  • Experiment – you are your own chemist
  • Combine multiples
  • spray on strips
  • spray on skin
  • play and have fun

While playing around I fell in love with Jasmine, Hawaiian Vanilla and Angel Food. My “Be Beautiful” signature scent.  Received many compliments so far.

Be Beautiful

Be Beautiful

Some of the combinations I tried. All were quite lovely:

1. Hawaiian Vanilla + Angel Food + Gingerbread.
2. Vanilla + Gingerbread.
3. Jasmine + Gingerbread.
4. Vanilla + Jasmine.
5. Vanilla + Lavender.
6. Vanilla + Angel Food.
7. Angel Food + Jasmine.
8. Jasmine + Lavender.
9. Jasmine + Hawaiian Vanilla + Angel Food.

Safe for use on skin. 95% of ingredients are derived from natural or renewable resources. No artificial colors. No binders or emulsifiers. No Phthalates. Alcohol naturally fermented from corn. Never tested on animals.

Tip:  Smell freshly ground coffee grounds or the beans to clear senses.

My late mother was a Nivea gal and every time I smell that smell I think of her. Scent is directly connected to memory. Fresh, clean, sexy, innocent, childhood.

Highly recommend you try. Makes a great gift. Available at Demeter Fragrance

Thank you for letting me try your fragrance library.

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