Flexitol Heel Balm

Flexitol Heel Balm

Dry Cracked Heels and feet are not only ugly but very painful.

Some times a good hand cream or foot cream just doesn’t cut it. You might need a medical proven treatment. Flexitol Heel Balm is proven to help heal your heels. Suitable for diabetics. Contains 25% urea and a unique blend of 11 emollient ingredients plus glycolic acid medically proven to nourish and hydrate dry, cracked heels and feet. It’s thick and rich but non greasy. Absorbs immediately and soothes. Apply daily. Once happy with results, apply once or twice a week. Bonus: gets on your hands and keeps cuticles at bay.

– free of SLS and parabens
– enriched with pro Vitamin B5, Vitamin E and L-Arginine
– Enhanced with exfoliating properties

Key Ingredients:

Urea – Improves the degree of hydration in the skin by increasing water uptake from the dermis level of the skin and enhances the stratum corneum water binding capacity. Reduces water loss and increases skin moisture level.

Lanolin – a skin moisturizer maintaining hydration

Shea Butter – a moisturizer containing Vit A & E with fatty acids to provide softness and smoothness

Aloe Vera – benefits dry cracked skin, burns, blisters, insect bites, allergic reactions

Tea Tree Oil – a natural anti-microbial and anti-fungal agent

Allantoin – a soothing moisturizer and skin conditioning agent. Soothes and softens.

Available in foot care isles of retailers across Canada and beyond and Farleyco http://www.farleyco.ca.

56g $10.49
112g $15.49

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Thank you FarleyCo for letting me try this product.  Love it and highly recommend.