Swarovski Tree at Toronto Eaton Centre

Swarovski Tree at Toronto Eaton Centre

Hello and welcome December. How do I love thee?

It seems you are the shortest month. Before I know it, you’re here again. The sights. The sounds. The smells. Let me count the ways:

1. It’s my Birthday. I was born on Christmas Eve, hence my love of sparkle;
2. Christmas. Holiness and love;
3. Snowflakes. Every one is beautiful and different; just like you;
4. Memories. Christmas is a time for memories and days gone by. I miss my Mother;
5. New Year’s Eve. Never miss that Swarovski Ball drop. How I miss Dick Clark;
6. New Year’s Day. New year, New You, New Beginnings;
7. CN Tower Holiday Lunch. Quite an experience. Highly recommend you visit, and yes they serve Turkey;
8. Turkey and of course, stuffing;
9. Christmas Music;
10. Ice Skating;
11. Hot Chocolate with those little white marshmallows;
12. Minced meat tarts;
13. Cookies;
14. Eggnog; and maybe a spot of Rum and don’t leave out the nutmeg;
15. Candy Cane Ice Cream;
16. Chocolate log cake for my birthday. Only comes out at Christmas;
17. Presents. Gifting to the ones I love;
18. Holiday and glamorous makeup;
19. Holiday fashion;
20. The Malls are open late (shopaholic);
21. Christmas Lights;
22. Christmas Trees;
23. Christmas Movies (Christmas Vacation; Charlie Brown Christmas; The Bishop’s Wife; The Year Without A Santa Claus) just to name a few;
24. Christmas Cards. Don’t you love opening the mailbox and seeing a Christmas Card amongst the bills?;
25. Holidays. Let’s face it you can get a week off between Christmas and New Year’s.
26. Charity. The most giving time of year and don’t you feel good afterwards.
27. Poinsettias;
28. Clementines;
29. Chocolate. December is the perfect excuse to open a devour a box of chocolates;
30. Candles. Seems like you light them more so in December. Am I right?
31. Checking out the Swarovski Tree at the Toronto Eaton Centre;
32. A crackling fire;
33. Wishes;

What do you love about December? Leave your comments.

Be Beautiful! and Happy Holidays xo