SV10 Shrinking Violet Body Wrap Review and Tutorial:











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Wearing Suit

Do you remember the sweat suits from the 1950’s? This totally reminded me of same. Received This Shrinking Violet Body Wrap for September 15, 2015 launch to review. (

Fast delivery and well packaged. Easy to understand instructions. To be used once a week for 8 weeks. To be worn for one hour at a time.  Can do two treatments in the first 72 hours if you wish. The oil treatment in this kit is very generous and luxurious. Apply oil to trouble areas and then put on suit for one hour. Your body will heat up and release toxins and lose inches. The suit will fit up to a XXL in my opinion. Made of 100% vinyl. I did not need to use whole measuring cup of oil. Oil covered my whole body. Easy to put on suit but once on very slippery and kinda gross feeling. How do I look? Either I am wearing what looks like to be a garbage bag or I am going to the moon?  It is two pieces and fits like a track suit.  I did not experience any itchiness.  After one hour has passed very difficult to peel off suit as you are very wet underneath. I notice my skin is extremely soft. A major benefit. Will be good to use in Winter as skin gets very dry. Wrote down my measurements and will compare in 8 weeks. I hung suit up in bathroom to dry out. Suit has a distinct plasticy odour.

Supposed to drink lots of water day of and day after treatment.

The next day I did not feel any different but had softer skin.

Will keep you updated at end of program.

What do you think? Would you try this??