It’s that time of year when the World falls in love with Toronto, Ontario.

  Every year at the end of August for 18 days the Canadian National Exhibition (“C.N.E.”) runs. Whether you are visiting the C.N.E. for the first time or the 1001 time, you are in for real treats. Let me share a few of my favorite annual traditions. (All pics are mine).


Dufferin Gate Entrance

You may enter and exit through the Dufferin Gates located at the bottom of Dufferin Street. TTC close by. Very picturesque at this end. Lots of grass and seating.  Be sure to take in a free concert at the Bandshell.


Princes’ Gate Entrance & Direct Energy Centre

You may also enter and exit through the Princes’ Gates (not Princess) opened in 1927 by H.R.H. Edward, Prince of Wales and his brother, Prince George. The nine pillars on either side of the centre arch of the gates represent the participating Provinces of Confederation. The figure at the top of the arch is called the Goddess of Winged Victory. Located at Strachan Avenue. TTC close by. Inside the Direct Energy Centre is thousands of vendors from different countries.  Shows, shopping, food, parking.  Be sure to visit the Food Building for old and new sweet and savory favorites.



To get from one end of the CNE to the other you must walk through the Midway. Its loud, bright, crazy, packed, exciting. At night it lights up and glows. Play games, eat an ice cream sandwich, ride the zipline, play a game of bingo or just people watch. Feel like a kid again.


Sky Ride in Midway

You must take this ride at least once upon visiting. You will have the best seat in the house and a view of the whole south Toronto from the air. Hang on to your flip flops cause if they fall off, they’re gone.


The Better Living Centre

Buildings are open 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Midway open 10:00 a.m. to Midnight.

Inside this building is the theme “The Farm” featuring live animals to see and touch. Education about Ontario Farms. Be sure to wash your hands before leaving.



Vendors line the laneways of the CNE. Great shopping bargains here. You can see the Toronto Windmill in the background (Exhibition Place Turbine).


Shopping – Queen Elizabeth Building

The Arts Crafts and Hobbies Pavilion showcases 63,000 square feet of arts, crafts, jewellery, artisan goods.

Shopping Haul

Shopping Haul


Shopping Haul

My shopping hauls from 2014. Full haul vids at my Youtube channel.  The CNE is a shoppers’ dream.  Shop for expensive and inexpensive items. From diy, beauty, furniture, jewellery, clothes and household items. You won’t believe your eyes.  Bring your credit card.


Charming Seating

If you enter or exit through the Dufferin Gates take a load off and take a seat. Be warned you might not want to get up again as these colorful Adirondacks are deceivingly comfy.


Tea for Two at the Press Building


Princess Margaret Fountain

Last but not least, at the Princess Margaret Fountain area get comfortable to watch the amazing Air Show over the Labour Day Weekend. Daily 1-5 pm.

Have fun! Be safe! and see you at the Ex.